On-Site Classes


These programs will travel to your location.

APPLES OF VERMONT (offered in the Fall) – Apples have been an important part of Vermont History since its first inhabitants. Early apple varieties, the art of grafting, various tools and gadgets for harvesting are all incorporated into this presentation. Present day facts about cultivation and the reasons for change will also be discussed.

PETE THE LOGGER (offered any time) – Pete will recreate the life and times of loggers in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This presentation includes the traits and tools of early loggers and river drivers. Pete explains what a day was like in a logging camp and on a river drive.

WHAT’S IT? (offered any time) – This presentation will keep you guessing! A variety of odd and unusual tools and gadgets of yesteryear will be displayed and their surprising purposes explained. Intriguing tools such as the spinning finger and the hay knife are just some examples from the class.

REMEMBERING (offered any time) – This program explores the “how and why” of remembering one’s family history through the observation of a variety of artifacts and pictures. Observations will be shared in order for one to understand one’s past and where they come from. This class will motivate students to do their own home search to reveal those objects that tell a piece of their family story.

COVERED BRIDGES (offered any time) – These structures stand as monuments to our history of transportation. The history of bridges and why some are covered are part of this program. Bridge trusses, early builders, and their tools will be presented. This class may also include a FIELD STUDY (offered in the Fall and Spring) to the covered bridges in the Lyndonville area. A Danville site is also available.

Classes and field studies meet Vermont Standards and Grade Cluster Expectations for History and Social Studies.

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