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The St. Johnsbury History and Heritage Center’s vision is to educate to instill a sense of one’s place. In order to understand the present, one needs to look back at our area’s “roots”. These “roots” are discovered in maps, writings, memoirs, pictures, monuments, and artifacts. Check out the educational programming available on-site at your school or at historic locations in St. Johnsbury.

All classes and field studies meet Vermont Standards and Grade Cluster Expectations for History and Social Studies.

Vermont Standards
4.5 Continuity and Change: Students understand continuity and change.
4.6 Understanding Place: Students demonstrate understanding of the relationship between their local environment and community heritage and how each shapes their lives.
6.4 Historical Connections: Students identify major historical eras and analyze periods of transition in various times in their local community, in Vermont, in the United States, and in various locations worldwide, to interpret the influence of the past on the present.
6.5 Traditional and Social Histories: Students investigate both the traditional and the social histories of the people, places, and cultures under study, including those of indigenous peoples.
6.6 Being A Historian: Students use historical methodology to make interpretations concerning history, change, and continuity.

Grade Expectations
Grade Level Stem 8: Students connect the past with the present.
Grade Level Stem 9: Students show understanding of how humans interpret history.
Grade Level Stem 10: Students show understanding of past, present and future time.
Grade Expectation Stems remain the same across the grades.

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For further information about classes and fees or to schedule a class, please contact Peggy Pearl at the St. Johnsbury History and Heritage Center at (802) 424-1090, email Peggy, or use our contact form below.

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