About Us

The gateway to preserve and celebrate our town’s historic legacy.

Our mission:
The St. Johnsbury History & Heritage Center, a nonprofit organization, acquires and preserves historic collections and conducts purposeful educational programs that interpret the rich heritage of St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

Contact us:
Call us: (802) 424-1090

Email us: stjohnsburyhhc@gmail.com

Visit us:
421 Summer Street
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

The Center’s vision is to provide a stimulating environment for the citizens of the St. Johnsbury community and the state of Vermont in order to celebrate and enrich the town’s history. By engaging people of all ages, the Center builds the foundation of its beliefs and objectives on the importance of preserving history, teaching history, exhibiting history and instilling history for generations to come.

Housed for many years at the Fairbanks Museum, a divestiture was decided in order to provide the local historical artifacts with a home of their own. The majority of these collections have been in storage for many years and not available for public exhibition. Creating this Center allows for the exhibition of these wonderful artifacts that portray our early town history. The Center knew the community was at risk of losing its rich and authentic character with the passing of many of its community historians: Norman Atwood, George Crosby, Claire Dunne Johnson, Graham Newell and William Pearl.

The Center’s primary focus is to preserve the valuable collections while promoting history education for all of St. Johnsbury’s students. The Center’s educational vision is to inspire an appreciation of St. Johnsbury’s history and traditions and to build a historical foundation and understandings of our collective past for our community’s future leaders.

The Center takes its place among the many educational and cultural institutions of St. Johnsbury to be a partner in the preservation and interpretation of this community’s historic character and all it stands for.

With groundbreaking enthusiasm, the Center invites the community to become active participants in its initial and continual growth. Citizens of St. Johnsbury, neighboring communities, throughout the state and the northeast, and “from away” are invited to become a member of the St. Johnsbury History & Heritage Center.

All of our exhibits, in both the house and the barn, are handicap-accessible. Visit us at our newly renovated home at 421 Summer Street in St. Johnsbury!


Summer Hours:
Monday – Saturday
10 am – 4 pm 

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