Home: A Sense of Place

This is our dream.  

Thanks to your help, it’s coming true!

Home Sweet Home

We have been fundraising to purchase this house on Summer Street as a permanent home – and we are ecstatic to announce we have reached our first fundraising goal!  At of the end of June, we reached our $250,000 goal to secure this house on Summer Street – and we purchased the house in early September!

St. Johnsbury History & Heritage Center’s mission is to preserve and protect our local history. Our collection includes over 5,000 cultural artifacts that help tell the stories that shape our community’s identity. To fulfill our mission, it is imperative that we have a permanent and sustainable location to house these artifacts and invite students, locals, and visitors to learn about the town’s history.

As we close on the house, we will have lots of work to do in getting our new home ready, building exhibits, and making the St. Johnsbury History & Heritage Center ready for visitors.  Please consider donating to the St. Johnsbury History & Heritage Center and helping our community preserve its history!